Alloy Specifications

Performance - Martyr I & Martyr II Anodes

CAPACITY, ampere-hours per pound3551225
EFFICIENCY (test)95%94%
CONSUMPTION, pound per ampere-year24.5lbs7.6lbs
POTENTIAL (reference Cu/Cu SO4)-1050mV-1100mV

Composition - Martyr I & Martyr II Anodes

COMPOSITIONU.S. Military Specification*
Martyr I  Zinc Alloy
U.S. Military Specification*
Martyr II Aluminum Alloy
Cadmium0.025% - 0.07%
Copper0.005% Max.0.005% Max.
Iron0.005% Max.0.080% Max.
Indium0.015% - 0.020%
Lead0.006% Max.
Mercury0.001% Max.
Silicon0.08% Max
Aluminum0.1% - 0.5%Remainder
Tin0.001% Max
Others0.10% Max total (0.020% max. each)
Zinc**Remainder4.0% - 6.5%

Comparison between Martyr I & Martyr II Anodes

Martyr I (Zinc Anodes)Martyr II (Aluminum Anodes)
355 Ampere hours per pound1225 Ampere hours per pound
This means a Zinc anode will give one amp for 355 hours  for every pound of ZincThis means an Aluminum anode will give one amp for 1225 hours for every pound of Aluminum
Take a typical Z3 (weight=4.68 kg)Take a typical AZ3 (weight = 2.7 kg)
Total ampere hours 3656Total ampere hours 6125
Assuming the anode performs at 0.5 ampAssuming the anode performs at 0.5 amp
This anode will last for 7312 hoursThis anode will last for 12250 hours
Which is 304 days / 10 monthsWhich is 510 days / 16.5 months