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Protect your boat, Respect our waters.

Martyr Anodes provide low-cost marine corrosion protection for boats, marine structures, and boat equipment.

Martyr is the only manufacturer that offers all three alloys that protect your boat from corrosion that can occur in salt water, brackish water and fresh water. Our Traditional (Zinc) anode is for use in Salt Water, Premium (Aluminum) anode for use in salt and brackish water, or Fresh (magnesium) anode for use in fresh water. Our marine anodes are made of a specialized alloy based on the US Mil Spec using only high purity metals.

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CM 55321901J01

Suzuki55321-90J01/BRP5032930 anode
+Z 0.19 (0.086kg) L    2.2" (55mm)
+A - W   0.9" (22mm)
+M - H    0.7" (19mm)
    ID   0.2" (6mm)


CM 6881132500

Yamaha 688-11325-00 Parsun T8 Anode
+Z 0.022 (0.01kg) L    0.9" (23mm)
+A 0.01 (0.004kg) W   0.4" (10mm)
+M 0.004 (0.002kg) H    0.8" (20mm)
    H1 0.3" (8mm)
    ID 0.2" (5mm)


CM KA617

KAMEWA Ring D70xH27-d60 w/Hole Ø11
+Z 1.83 (0.83kg) L    8.8" (226mm)
+A - W   2" (50mm)
+M - H    0.6" (16mm)
    D   7.9" (202mm)
    ID   0.3" (7mm)


CM 5901405552

Castoldi Zn Road Bar D22xH30
+Z 0.14 (0.06kg) OD 0.9" (22mm)
+A - H   1.2" (30mm)
+M - THD M10


CM CH006

Chrysler Plate Anode 120x35-C50
+Z 2.91 (1.32kg) L    4.7" (120mm)
+A 1.46 (0.66kg) W   1.4" (35mm)
+M 1.06 (0.48kg) H    0.4" (10mm)
    D   2" (50.8mm)
    ID   0.28" (7mm)



Bolt-On Hull Z-3B w/Steel Insert, Bolt-On Hull Z-3B w/Alum Insert
+Z 9 (4kg) L    12” (305mm)
+A 3.96 (1.8kg) W   3” (76mm)
+M - W1 0.56” (14mm)
    H 1.6” (41mm)
    D 7.88” (200mm)
    D1 0.19” (4.8mm)



DCL Combo-On Hull Anode
+Z - L    18” (457mm)
+A - W   9” (229mm)
+M 25.9 (11.76kg) H    2.25” (58mm)
    D   2-15”(381mm)
    D1 1-8”(203mm)
    ID   0.75”(19mm)



TearDrop Combo-On Hull Anode
+Z - L    12” (308mm)
+A - W   6.6” (168mm)
+M 9.97 (4.53kg) H    3.1” (78mm)
    D   15”(380mm)
    ID   0.53”(13.5mm)


CM 892227

Mercury Verado Trim Anode
+Z 0.23 (0.10kg) L    2.9" (74mm)
+A 0.09(0.04kg) W   1.1" (27mm)
+M 0.06(0.03kg) H    0.4" (10mm)
    D   0.2" (4mm)
    ID   0.26" (6.7mm)


CM 34860217

Tohatsu Trim Tab Anode
+Z 0.28 (0.126kg) OD 2" (50mm)
+A - ID 0.25" (6.4mm)
+M - H    2" (50mm)


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