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Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of die cast zinc, aluminum, and magnesium anodes, which are sold worldwide under the Martyr brand name. 

The company first began foundry operations during the early 1900’s servicing the plumbing and forestry industries. Their non-ferrous capabilities allowed the company to expand its product offering. This included the manufacture of gravity cast zinc, aluminum, and magnesium anodes for the commercial marine industry. The innovative development of new alloys and casting techniques enabled the company to gain an international reputation of superior quality for its “Martyr” brand of sacrificial marine anodes. Building on the success achieved in the commercial marine market the company was able to offer the utility of their performance enhanced alloys to the worlds leading marine engine builders. Here the company was able to use the process of pressure die-casting to produce more intricate castings that were needed by the fast growing pleasurecraft industry. Today, Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. is in a state of continuous improvement. Our people and our commitment to quality is the foundation in which we will perpetuate our growth and prosperity.


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Our team is composed of conscientious individuals who are:

  • Dedicated to timely delivery of defect free products

  • Committed to continuous process improvement

  • Diligent in their efforts to protect the environment


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